Displays Outlet – We Produce High Quality Display Products Since 1993

Since 1993, Displays Outlet has produced high-quality display products, and provided business owners, trade show exhibitors and pop signs marketers with world-class display products. Browse our wide selection of display and pop display products.

Wooden Displays

Aluminum Snap Open Frames & Poster Frames

Aluminum snap open frames are available in several sizes, colors and models. Poster frames are designed to be wall mounted and include mounting holes at the back of each frame and wall mounting fixtures. Poster frames can be mounted in horizontal or vertical orientation. Opti Frames provide stands as well, for frame solutions that don’t need to be wall mounted.

Poster LED Light Boxes & Illuminated Displays

Poster LED Light Boxes & Illuminated Displays, using LED technology, give you the ability to create long-lasting and brightly-lit presentations at an affordable price. These light box display frames feature a slim, snap frame design for mounting your poster graphics to a wall or flat surface.

Sidewalk Signs & Outdoor Displays

Sidewalk signs are an effective and eye catching way to bring customers into your business. Foot traffic is considered as one of the major channels of potential customers. With many distractions on the street today, sidewalk marketing displays are getting more competitive. We provide a wide selection of sidewalk displays to bring customers from the street to your business.

Bulletin Boards & Poster Showboards

Bulletin Boards & Poster Show Boards are the ideal display board for messages or reminders either indoor or outdoor. Boards are available in a variety of styles such as Corkboard and Dry Erase Board, and complete with mounting hardware and keys to lock the cases.

Banner Stands & Banner Holders

Banner Stands & Banner Holders – Print ads are one of the most effective forms of advertising so consumers can become more familiar with your brand. Products and services highlighted in graphic designs are more likely to be patronized. A simple way to present your brand and services is by the use of banner stands and holders.

Literature Stands, Racks & Brochure Holders

Literature Stands & Racks – Some businesses find that brochures, info graphics and other information prints are an important and great way to give customers more information about your brand, products, or services. One of the most effective ways to distribute these prints is to place them in literature racks.

Brochure holders are ideal for many types of businesses including restaurants, spas, hotels, cafes, kiosks or any establishment where ad displays and brochures are important to your business. Brochure holders come in a variety of styles as well, including counter top and wall mounted holders.

Acrylic Sign Holders & Frames

Acrylic Sign Holders & Frames come in a variety of styles and sizes. Graphic displays and print ads are effective marketing tools to attract target consumers. When placed in areas of prominence, a print ad can result in brand awareness, informed customers and consequently, an increase in sales.

Poster Display Stands & Sign Stands

Poster Display Stands & Sign Stands are a great way of promoting your brand in this competitive market. Business owners are becoming more aggressive and creative when it comes to visual displays of their brands. The competition is definitely fiercer and the chance to stand out is now tougher. These types of displays provide a larger, eye-catching approach to bringing attention to your brand and services.

Floor Sign Stands & Floor Displays

Floor Sign Stands and Floor Displays are ideal for high-trafficked areas, and they can become directional signs for customers looking to patronize your business. Once potential customers are interested with the information on print, floor signs can point customers in the direction of the physical shop. It is similar to having multiple presences when strategically placed in high-trafficked areas.

Poster Frames, Poster Hangers & Graphic Holders

Poster Hangers and Graphic Holders are an easy way to display upcoming events or existing products and services. No tools are required to change graphics, making it an easy and effective way to keep customers up-to-date with what’s happening with your business. The banner grip models are offered in wide assortments of sizes and suitable for all hanging poster requirements. Posters are held strongly and won’t slip from the frame. These poster/banner hangings kits can hold printed paper and banners either single or double sided..

Step Stools

A low cost solution compared to commercial-standard ladders, a step tool is a top solution if you have shelves or storage drawers in the office or shop where your staff needs a little boost to access.

Stanchions, Crowd Control Posts & Barriers

Stanchions, Crowd Control Posts and Barriers are great for businesses that see a lot of foot traffic. As a business that admits guests, it is common for an establishment to become crowded and guest flows can be disorderly especially in limited spaces. Directing customers is an effective way to keep your business organized and running efficiently.

Office Products

We offer a wide variety of office products to help keep your business running professionally and efficiently. From business card holders to coat racks, we can provide your business and customers with a level of professionalism in a competitive world.