iPad Novel Kiosk Stand Acrylic Top Cover for iPad, iPad 2 & iPad 3

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Smart Solutions for Technological Devices! Novel IPad Kiosk has 360° rotating holder. USB cable travels through the pole for cleaner view. The home button is covered to prevent interfering from the public. Novel IPad Kiosk is suitable for retail purposes, trade shows and conventions as well as car galleries, furniture stores when the base is adjusted. iPad is secured with 2 tamper proof screws to reduce the risk of theft. Compatible with 2nd and 3rd generation Apple® IPad tablets. Closed home button. Star allen key is included in the pack.

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iPad Novel Kiosk Stand Acrylic Top Cover for iPad, iPad 2 & iPad 3

If your business requires regular interaction with customers, the iPad stand is an ideal product for you.

With a variety of functions, the iPad stand is particularly useful in banks, airports, service points, and other similar environments/companies.

With the help of smart solutions, the iPad holder maximizes both customer service and customer satisfaction, ensuring only positive feedback for your organization.

With a 360¡rotatable head, the stand can be adjusted to any desired position.

This stand is compatible with iPad, iPad2 and iPad3.

Once locked and secured with the help and support of two screws, your iPad is ready for use.

The two support screws can be only opened with a special allen key, thereby preventing theft.

The allen key is delivered with the product to open the screws.

A charge cable accompanies the iPad’s tilted profile and solid shaft, meaning you can charge the iPad directly on the stand.

The aluminum iPad stand is highly durable; once purchased it can be used for years.

The solid heavy base of the stand prevents it from tipping or unexpectedly falling over.

It offers a smart solution for banks and airports with its desirable aesthetic and functional style.

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