Face Shield, Sneeze Guard, Reusable, Adjustable Transparent Barrier, Anti-Fog Safety (1 Pack)

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Reusable Full Face Protective Shield helps you protect from unwanted contamination from viruses as well as bacteria and germs that can be caused by coughing or sneezing. It helps you keep your distance with customers or other workers and colleagues. It can be used as a grinder shield, dental shield and more.

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It has a flexible and adjustable band that helps you to fit your head comfortably. It is lightweight and you can use this shield with glasses.

Our products are manufactured in Europe and imported from Europe. This Shield is made of the finest materials while providing the highest level of quality. It is made of 0.3mm hygienic anti-bacterial PET, suitable for food contact. Anti-fog, waterproof and dustproof.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Best used with disposable masks for maximum protection. Adjustable band makes this visor suitable for man and woman. It can be used as a grinder shield, dental shield and more.

Products: Disposable protective clear shields with elastical head bands, no sterile.

Models: 320x 400 mm, 180° full protection and isolation, high light transmittance
Cerification of the presence of the Technical File in regards of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC Medical Devices Directive Annex VII.

Classification: Class 1 (non sterile). The shields are Category 1 PPE products

Manufacturing of Disposable protective clear shields with elastical head bands, no sterile:
Please note that when manufacturing the face shields we act as if infected by the COVID-19 virus. We wear a face mask and a fresh pair of gloves when collecting each batch of parts.
We store the parts immediately in a sealable bag.
We store the packed face shields and wait for for 2-3 days before distributing them to reduce risk of transmission.
We do not store the entire stock in one place an minimise the risk of cross contamination.
The laser cut face shield is designed as an easy-to-use PET face shield for healthcare staff and essential key workers.
The face shields consist of an adjustable head strap.
The face shields are manufactured by laser cutting techniques and are made from a thermoplastic called polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Decontamination: Cleaning your face shield
Disinfection (the process of eliminating or reducing harmful microorganisms) and sterilisation (the process of killing all microorganisms )are both acceptable to decontaminating of the face shield.

How to clean the face shield
WARNING: Before you apply any disinfection solution, we advise to try it first near one edge of the visor and inspectt whether the solution cause damage to the surface of the visor.
Face shields can cleaned by regular cleaners, sanitiziers and alcohol wet wipes. Workplaces can use the professional sterilising equipment to decontaminate the face shields.
It is recommended to sink the shield parts into disinfection solutions for best practice, this will ensure the solution reaches 100% of the visor surface. You can also use aerosol (spray) at least twice to reach most of the surface, for best practice.
Most of the solutions evaporate after several minutes. You can remove the remains using a paper towel, throw away surface cleaners. Avoid using the same towel on multiple shields, avoid cross-contamination and always wipe in one direction.

Recommended methods of decontamination
Autoclave (cold)
60 minutes
Bacteria, viruses
Isopropyl alcohol
5+ minutes
Bacteria, viruses
> 70%
5+ minutes
Bacteria, viruses
Descogen®-S (granules)
30 minutes
Bacteria, viruses
Sodium Hypochlorite (Savo)
5+ minutes
Bacteria, viruses
IPA steam (70%, 30% water)
30-90 minutes
Bacteria, viruses
PVP-I (iodine disinfection)
5+ minutes
Bacteria, viruses
Hydrogen Peroxide
5+ minutes
Bacteria, viruses
Soap water
Repeated washing
5+ minutes
Bacteria, viruses
Strong oxidising effects
Bacteria, viruses
Gamma radiation
Strong ionizing radiation
Bacteria, viruses
Bacteria, viruses

The method of high temperature 120°C and over is tested and evaluated as not ideal for the decontamination process, because of structural damage to the shield as PET material deforms under high temperature
Please dispose the plastic face shiled in non-recycled plastic waste.

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